Old Cellar (Bodrumi i Vjetër) – Rahovec was established in 1953. Main activity is production of wines and alcoholic beverages.

Main activity was production of wines and alcoholic beverages.
Following the privatization of 2006, the company continued to operate as private property under the name Bodrumi i Vjetër (Old Cellar), a subsidiary of HAXHIJAHA Company.
At the time of privatization, the enterprise dysfunctional and in disrepair.
Therefore, HAXHIJAHA Company managed to rebuild and revive the facility within a short period, supplying technology for the receipt and processing of grapes and producing wine and brandy, meeting
contemporary standards.

Viticulture area of Rahovec is part of southern sub-region in the broader viticulture region of Kosovo and the most prominent areas of Kosovo vineyards and winery.
There is evidence that grapes have been cultivated in this region since Illyrian times, 2000 years ago.
All vineyards of this area lie along the hilly terrain, at an altitude of 340 to 600 meters.
The moderate continental climate combined with the Mediterranean currents make this viticulture area very specific imbuing it with special properties for production of high quality and premium grapes and wines.

With its range of pneumatic systems for squeezing grapes to its fermentation in stainless steel tanks, built for cooling and heating system during fermentation, we believe that our equipment
and experience are worthy of the high-quality wine and grape from our excellent lands. A selected amount of our red wines are aging under optimal conditions in our oak barrels 225 liter capacity (Barrique).

Therefore, owing to ideal agro-ecological conditions, state-of-the-art technology and professional staff, the Old Cellar (Bodrumi I Vjetër) is committed to preserve the tradition and produce high quality wines of distinct geographic origin in accordance with European standards. Some of the red varieties include: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Vranac. White variety are as follow and white varieties of Chardonnay, Rhine Riesling, Italian Riesling while production of liquor covers: Brandy Kosovo, Darda Extra, and Darda, while looking to further expand the production range with other products.


Verërat me kualitetin më të mirë.

Fitim Krasniqi

Ju lumt, kam shumë miq Gjerman që janë teper të knaqur me kualitetin e veres suaj.

Onkel Sam

Suksese dhe uroj përherë e më shume cilësi. Vetëm më cilesinë e lartë të veres sot keni dyert e hapura ne tregun e Evropës dhe më gjerë.

Rexhep Kryeziu