The truth about the “Elephant” found in the Bodrumi i Vjetër

Wine ELEPHANT, a wine product “BODRUMI I VJETËR” from Rahovec, has occupied almost all the restaurants in Kosovo with the extraordinary quality it offers to its customers. Express brings you the story of this product that has already been awarded with the gold medal in one of the most prestigious competitions in the world for quality wine.
Since July of this year has started the sale of ELEPHANT, which comes with two specific types of wine, Cabernet Sauvignon ELEPHANT and Chardonnay ELEPHANT.

While wine lovers have the opportunity to enjoy it in many restaurants and hotels throughout Kosovo.

But how did it come to the name of this product?

During the excavation of the foundations of the Winery Old Bazaar in Rahovec, in 1950 was found bronze elephant sculpture. These are archaeological traces of ancient antiquity. According to archaeologists, a soldier had had a birthday while his parents to congratulate the son-in-law warrior’s birthday gift for the bronze elephant.

Where now this bronze ELEPHANT is located in Belgrade’s museum.

The BODRUMI I VJETËR is focused on producing high quality wine. As a result of quality, the BODRUMI I VJETËR is present in European and Asian markets.

Also as a high quality proof, the Japan Ambassador to the UN recently presented the BODRUMI I VJETËR wine as a qualitative product from Kosovo.

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