Wine and health

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The impact of moderate wine consumption on human health

An increasing number of medical research and scientific papers in which scientific evidence proved the beneficial effect that wine has on human health. The world’s research and medical famous scientific institutions unanimously agree that wine contains ingredients that promote overall health. But they also point out – to feel the health benefits of wine, we have to fulfill an important prerequisite: To enjoy moderate consumption.

The positive effect of wine on the health of consumers due to the presence of various components, including antocyanet, tannins, polyphenols.
The positive effects of these ingredients on human health include:
• Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and certain malignant diseases.
• Decreasing the progress of the neurological degenerative process, and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
• Improvement in lung function.
• Improvement of brain activity and memory.
• Strengthening immunity.
• Improve metabolism and circulation.
• Reduced fat in the blood vessels.
• Protection against allergies and infections.
• Slow down the aging process.

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