With funding from the European Union in 2020 Bodrumi i Vjetër invested in sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment.

Traditions of viticulture

Located in the rich and beautiful landscape of Rahovec, the Bodrumi i Vjetër winery has been preserving traditions for years through the production of uniquely tasting wines. Funded by the European Union, Bodrumi i Vjetër invested in sophisticated state-of-the-art machinery which will ensure that the wine produced adheres to the highest European standards. These equipment assist in the selection, processing, and standardization of the grapes and are also utilized for every phase from pre-production to production, filling, and storage. The investment includes:

• New pumps for the transfer of wines

• Fermenters for the culminating wines used in the first stages of production

• New tanks that serve for the storage of wines,

• A large wall that supports infrastructure for expansion and provide space for tanks;

• Packaging machines that are more efficient and less costly and the

• Repository of European standards for the storage of finished products and raw materials.

Investments in equipment for the production and processing of grapes.

The new equipment are strategically placed in order to create a functional and practical work environment for local professionals.

The new equipment helped Bodrumi i Vjetër to increase the quality of the wines, help to have a controlled fermentation, easier filling, and more efficient packaging. Packaging reduces the cost of the final product and helps to have more space for wine storage.

The equipment also helped set up and improve infrastructure. Access to the warehouse has facilitated the work. The new warehouse, which has been changed according to European conditions, has provided more space for storage of raw materials and finished products.

International distribution

Thanks to investments from the European Union, Bodrumi i Vjetër expanded their production capacity without compromising on the unique taste and quality of their wine. The high quality and taste profile of Bodrumi’s wines was achieved thanks to the perfection of production technology to make them strong competitors in the international market.

A new experience for farmers

The new machinery will help many farmers in their trade by offering them an experience that will increase their professional and productive possibilities. Thanks to their advanced technical capacities in the processing of large quantities of grapes, these machines will ensure that there is zero waste with every harvest.

Bodrumi i Vjetër wines, distinctive wines.

Today wine is one of the most popular beverages in the world, having earned its important reputation since ancient times. Our wines have always been distinguished by quality, taste, and aroma. Bodrumi i Vjetër works intensively in the production of wines with a distinct taste and this is achieved by combining grapes that are cultivated in our vineyards, in a suitable climate and suitable soil with cutting-edge technology.


With so many advances towards perfecting the equipment used in today’s winemaking industry, these machines are perfectly tailored for each stage of production ranging from technical to chemical processes. The wine production capacity in Bodrumi i Vjetër has increased to 1,912,000.00 liters.

This promotion is produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Bodrumi i Vjetër and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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